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IJAMMR.,   Volume(1) - Issue(2), 2016
pp 1-12,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djmicro.org/2016021001

Assessment of Interleukin -8 , Interferon I and Vitamin D in Group of Patients with different types of Tumor in Babylon Province of Iraq

Alla Sadeq Al- Awad;Raheem Tuama O Al- Mammori , Aamal Merza H Al Jaryawi


Chemokiane such as interleukin – 8 and interferon - γ in association with Vitamin D play a critical role in the early innate immune response to invading pathogens. Significant progress has been made over the past years in the understanding of cytokine function as well as Vit. D. Cytokines especially IL-8 and interferon - γ agonists are currently under investigation in anticancer therapies for their ability to activate immune cells and promote inflammation. Here we assess the state of Cytokines (IL – 8 and IFN- γ) and Vitamin D level in patients with different type of tumors and their relation to patient’s demographic and clinical features. Case control study among all newly diagnosed patients with different types of tumor registered in the malignant registry center of Babylon, clinically diagnosed and confirmed by consultant physician including 210 patients were conducted from January until August 2016. Among all patients who are eligible for study, we chose 100 patients and the others were excluded because either they have started medication for tumor or have more severe cases. Some of them refused to participate in the study. Consent was taken from all patients in addition to the center permission for this study. Serum level of IL-8, INF- γ was assessed by ELISA in the laboratory department of Merjan medical city/ immunology unit using specific available kits. Mean age of patients was 49.9 years, mostly at 40s age group. No significant statistical difference was there according to the gender of patient and control groups. More patient and control groups were from urban area. Majority of patients had breast malignancy (52%) and the other sites represented different sites of uterine, colonic, liver, ovarian, thyroid, stomach, and gall bladder and prostatic malignancies. Ten percent of patients have family history of malignancy and chronic disease associated with malignancy is present in 44% of the patients. Significant low concentration of IL-8, INF- γ and Vitamin D was found in different types of tumors in initial diagnosis with obvious significant correlation of high IL-8 concentration with demographic and clinical features of the patients. A significant positive correlation of patient ages with tumor types, IL-8 and Vitamin D as well as same correlation of tumor type with IL-8 and Vit.D is observed. According to cytokines and vitamin-D there is a direct correlation between IL-8 and Vit –D. Assessment of such types of receptors may play a role in anti-tumor therapy and research of related aspect. As cytokines are critical mediators of the immune system, further studies are needed to shed more light on the relationship between vitamin D and cytokine levels, as well as on the possible immune modulatory action of vitamin D on the immune system.


Interleukin -8, INF- Y, Vit.D, ELISA, Cytokines.

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