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IJAMMR.,   Volume(2) - Issue(1), 2017
pp 13-26,   http://dx.doi.org/10.18831/djmicro.org/2017011002

A Study on the need for Bio-Medical Waste Management-Available Treatment Techniques and Suggestions

Jess Mathew;J Abitha, F.R Melvin Farah, A Antush Agnes


The failure to address the bio-medical wastes, has led the health domain into a place where a patient who has just undergone a treatment and treated successfully, to still be prone to many diseases which he hasn’t faced at all. The patient can grow immunity to a disease that he was cured of. But, that very same patient, in no case can build a resistant power to resist diseases, if his surrounding is not infective free. The improper management of biomedical wastes have not only affected the patients inside the clinical establishments, but also the people who have no contact with the clinical establishments at all. In this scenario, proper sanitation practices must be adopted and biomedical wastes should be managed for a disease free and hygienic clinical surrounding. This review focuses on the need for biomedical waste management in clinical establishments, emphasizes the possible sources of bio-wastes, methods and technologies for combating and minimizing bio-hazards arising from bio-wastes and finally outlines the overall process of biomedical waste management.


Biohazards, Sanitation, Bio-Medical Waste (BMW), Clinical establishments, Hygiene.

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